Mad Style or Bad Style. Space

-Hello baby!
 (Pic.from NY. Some people spend too much time on putting spikes on their heads.)

-Hello mother ship, even if the people in New York are spaced out I don’t seem to have any luck with the women. I knew I should have taken the red scarf instead!     

Would you visit his space ship if he had another scarf? What I really want to know is:
is this
Mad style or Bad style?

Feather crown at the Bazaar

Went to Bazaar on Saturday I saw this cuckoo or should I say cock-a-doodle-do band called Cold turkey. Vetlényi Zsolt a great painter wore an even greater feather crown
Here’s a little taste of the band or at least the singer

SZOBART opening

Last night I went to an opening of  Szobart a temporary art and culture project.There will be new exhibitions with Germans and Hungarians every week und viel spass for sure. You should check it out!
Dress/Indiska, Shoes/ Humanic
Hey, do you want a ride in my slime car?  Who wouldn’t!

Vintage cape

Art by Teresa Szepes

Went to a couple of exhibitions although I was coughing my head off, which explains the picture. The vintage cape did its best to cover up.