Life On the Street

puccstiyagiAn Indian man cooking outside in the middle of November. Has he been locked out from his apartment? Why did he leave the TV on? Was he carrying a hot plate in his pocket? How big are his pockets?

puccsoutsideThe answer is, just another opening at Puccs with the artist Tiyagi making mulled wine. It was a good idea in the cold. For those who drink mulled wine that is.

keklolemonI don’t drink mulled wine and had to go straight to the after party at Kék Ló and drink real wine. Mainly because it was cold. Also because it was Friday.

kekloreadingFor others Friday is all about reading a book standing up in a bar.

keklo-outfitAll warmed up and smiling.

Dress/Vintage,Silver socks/Calzedonia, Lace up boots/Zara

Life is Beautiful

eva-and-ivanaAlmost bedtime for me so let’s see what happened on Friday might when I could stay awake a little longer. I started the evening at Muszi with an art opening by these two fine Slovakian artists, trying out the comfy armchairs, Eva and Ivana. The names are of the artists of course.

musziThe place was still quiet and chairs empty which made up for a good night of testing different ones. For those inclined.



Personally I like to stand.

bullet-studioSince we were in Muszi we went to Bullet’s studio and hung out for a while. Standing.

bulleets-studioStill standing.

life-is-beautifulStanding or sitting. Life is beautful.

Capturing Capa

outfit dressYesterday I want to an exhibition at Capa központ. As usual I was wearing some sort of clothes and here’s a picture of the outfit.

Dress and sunglasses/Vintage.

bulletPictures of pictures made by Árion Kudasz who has also taken pictures of me several times wearing crazy stuff with the P’andicel pack.

window checkThe room has windows, the view is questionable.

window capaA glass if wine added a nice touch of colour to the view. Until it was gone. The wine I mean.

Sweet as candy

Because I like sugar a bit too much I had to share this picture of candy art I saw at the Viennafair on Sunday. I spent the weekend in Vienna. Sundays all shops were closed so I went to the art fair. But of course when the shops were open, on Saturday, I visited the flea market at Naschmarkt and did some shopping around town. maybe I’ll show you some of that tomorrow. Now I need to sleep and hoping this picture will give both you and me sweet dreams. Don’t forget to brush your teeth.


Watching you

At Trafó, feeling watched.

Stalking people has been part of my life since spring. I quite like it. Talking to and taking pictures of people.
Now this sounds a bit sick, but I do have an excuse it’s for my column Gallery Goers on the art blog Budapest Árt. Basically I’m taking pictures of people going to gallery openings. It’s a simple as that.

I hope to get the chance to stalk you too!