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Painters Palace

flowerBudapest’s a great place for those who like to hang around in artsy places. Now there’s one more to add to your list, The Painters Palace on Bródy Sándor.  Here are some pictures from the opening last Saturday. Jesse above is one of the founders. If you’re a founder you get flowers.

stairsThere were stairs. Only one person fell down. He got up again.


Skirt/Vintage, Sandals/ Skopunkten

Candles. No one was burnt.

the bandA band played

bandPeople were dancing

dancingMore dancing and holding hands

heyPointing fingers. This is Thom the other founder. He had no flowers but looked happy anyway.

sinkA sink if you need a wash

If you like to paint or to look at other people painting, go check out the Painters Palace

The owners are really cool and super friendly.


The past days I’ve had some issues uploading pictures for different reasons. Main reason is being an idiot. Luckily my hard drive is full of old, never published photos. Because of all this here’s a story from the week I spent in Prague last year, around this time.

sneakThe reason going was to perform at the Prague Fringe Festival. Being a tourist one can always rely on another one to find the way.

sneak peekTwo people helping finding the fringe. For some reason they seemed confused and kept looking at my hair and claimed it almost impossible to find it.

fringe or no fringeThe  girlfriend said he used to have fringe before he lost his head.

fringeAnother person directed me to this window. Not exactly the fringe I was looking for.

red headUnder this red head piece he assured me there was a fringe. Still not the right one.

mad barIt turned out I was just a selfie away and there it was my fringe at the Fringe festival outside a bar with a really cool name 🙂

Strawberry Fields. Not Forever

strawberryDress/Vintage, Watch/Nine West

It’s the end of strawberry season and I hide my tears with err a strawberry of course. Funny enough I only started eating strawberries a few years ago. Now I eat strawberries every day to compensate for the many summers without them. The texture of the little black dots gave me the chills. With age taste changes, now raspberries go down like ice cream on a hot summer day. Luckily raspberry season starts at the end of the strawberry season. Which I was told, is now.

Raspberries, watch out!

Random Match

blue printToday I want to show you I don’t always get dressed to match the train (for those who remember the last post)

Today I’m matching the furniture in my house. Who knows what will come tomorrow, right now I’m heading down to Puccs. Join me if you can. If you match the gallery you will get featured on the blog.