Summer Training

train tracksRight now I’m sitting in my bed waiting for dinner and catching up with my photos, exactly a week ago I was waiting for a train back to Budapest. Let’s see from where.

balaton viewThe Hungarian sea!

lángosWhere we ate lángos. I write we here so you don’t think I ate both of them. To be more exact there were 3 on the table, just one isn’t visible here.

bbqOne of the best things about being in the countryside is you can BBQ in your PJS.

batik dressYou can wait for the train in a dress with female body parts (someone told me it looks like a giant VJJ).

camoThe train conductor wasn’t too impressed by my camo skills. I paid him to pretend he was, it’s the same price as the ticket. Funny enough.

sunsetEnd of first Balaton trip 2016