Pálinka and Rama


For those who thought I disappeared and moved in to a cave,

YOU WERE (almost) RIGHT! Not exactly but I did spend time in a couple of caves in Miskolc. The first one was the cave bath, which was really cool! 

Some might see a resemblance between the entrance and Machu Picchu and start looking out for Incas and lamas. The closest thing we found was pálinka and Rama.


Thumbs up from Nicole, Bullet, Kate. First cave done!

IMG_0102bFor some odd reason we didn’t spend too much time in this one.

IMG_0055bAfter all the rocks I was more than tempted to buy these shoes. Wearing them would be like constantly walking on pebbles. Ouch! Supposed to be good for you, but they are ugly.

I didn’t buy them.